Audio comping best practices?

I’ve been comping a bunch of backing vocals lately and it struck me that I was constantly hopping back and forth between between the Comp Tool and the Select/Arrow Tool - to the point where it seemed excessive.

Figured some folks here would have good ideas on how to most efficiently comp audio.


I stay with the Object Selection Tool (Arrow) and click to the circle in the bottom middle of the Audio event, which is also the Comp function.

Good point, I keep forgetting about that.

With that in mind, is there any reason to ever select the Comp Tool.

I have never ever selected it. :wink:

I can’t see any circle ?

Sorry, it’s not a circle, it’s a square.

yes - I see the square and the arrow turns into a hand. But how to comb this way ?
Nothing happens when I try to manipulate the square - except I can choose the whole take…

Dont you need to cut the events first?

Just use the Alt key to cut.?

As others have said you need to cut it first - exactly the same as if you were using the Comp Tool itself.

In addition to the mechanics of comping what techniques do folks use to make the whole task smoother?

For example (but by no means the only issue), when loop recording you can end up with a lot very similar takes that need to be evaluated and ranked (e.g. is A better than B, and how does the winner then compare to C… repeat… repeat…). I end up with paper lists noting which takes I liked. Is there a smarter way that others use?

I recently tried color coding different takes. Not sure that helped me much - but man that was a fancy looking project.

I compare 2 takes at a time and just delete the one that loses each time.

My initial reaction was, “that’s a bold approach” just deleting it. Could do the same with muting, but that gets into hopping between tools again. Then I realized that Track Versions let us delete without risk.

Btw I really don’t switch the tool while comping at all. To cut I use the Alt modifier. To comp I use that dedicated controller.

Don’t forget to cut in the main track (not in the land) to make sure all cuts are in sync).

I really love Cubase modifiers.


This is just the kind of tips I was looking for.

I’m basically comping the way I have for years and the introduction of Track Versions didn’t even cause me to reconsider. It is real easy to just keep doing something the same way and not even consider how new capabilities might offer better ways of doing the task.

I have enabled discription in the project window info line. Here I change take xx to “keeper xx”. Makes life easy to keep track.

In the editor I enable to show Regions. Now I have a second list of how many takes and can jump through them in the editor.

I also enable select events under cursor, when I edit. It is just a nice way to select through tracks during playback or using jog. Any events with layers will show in the regions list. So no need to have a bunsh of lanes showing.

When I finaly go for doing the comp. I use the comp tool. It is way better then doing it oldstyle with cut and drag.

Can you elaborate on this? The possibility of not looking at at a bunch of lanes is pretty enticing. But I just opened a file in the Audio Editor that has a bunch of takes in it and I’m not seeing anything useful in the Regions tab.

Region tab only updates as you track in loop. So if you dont loop record the talent for best out of xx. You will have to make the regions, wich is not worth it. Then you better of working by memory. Using the regions as guide, is not what it is for. But if you know it in advanced. It is a nice litle helper.
And massive bonus of having all edit takes nicely layed out in the editor.
Might not fit your workflow.

Just example screen photo of how it looks like.

Thanks. User error. I was reading “Regions” and looking at “Range” :blush:

Yeah that looks super useful.