Audio Connect/External FX

External FX are not saved after reboot. Cubase 10.5.12. I have a lot of outboard and repatch everything each time is
not comfortable. Аre there any solutions

Hi and welcome,

It works for me here. Are you sure you don’t open any other project without the External FX, before you quit Cubase?

The logic is following:

  • The External FX is stored in the project.
  • If you have a project with External FX opened, you close it and create an empty project, the new empty project overtakes the External FXs from the previously opened project.
  • If you open other project, which doesn’t contain External FXs and then you create a new project, the External FXs are overtaken from the previous project, what means at this moment, there are no External FXs anymore.
  • Project Template is a good solution. Because the External FXs are stored in the (Template) project then.