audio connections > change default device port

I recently installed ur-rt2 and by mistake opted as default device port the FX bus versions. How can I revert to the standard ur-rt2 ports as a default? I.e. when I open ANY cubase file.


The Audio Connections > Outputs settings is stored in the project. So if you already set this up in some projects, once you open the project again, you will get this setup.

Moreover if you get this setup (by opening the project) and then you create a new project, Cubase overtakes the last settings (in this case the unwanted).

So the way is:

  • Open the project.
  • Fix the settings.
  • Create a new project.
    Since now, all new created projects should work as expected (until the moment, you open an older project with the wrong settings and if you create a project from/after this one).

There is a workaround. Create your correct settings. Save it as a preset of the Audio Connections > outputs and name it Default. If you use this specific preset name, Cubase will use this Default preset instead of the copying of the last settings.

The very correct way is to use Control Room instead of the Outputs. Control Room settings is stored globally, not in the project.

I tried what you suggest. New projects are ok. Strangle enough, though, old projects open using the effects version of ur-rt2.
As for the control room, I have cubase artist, so I can’t use it.
I recall the first instance I used ur-rt2 asking me if I wanted to use the current setting as default. That was the effects bus, and I hit accept. Only later I realized my mistake. There surely must be a way to take this back? I also tried the “default” solution you suggested. The “default” is indeed stored as an option, but I still have to select it, while the bus cubase opens older projects with is the effects one.


Yes, once you open an older project, you always have to change it (to the default) and then save with the new settings. The settings is stored in the project and it is not overwritten by the default. Only new project always overwrites the current settings by the default.

Yes, but apparently I’ll have to do it with EVERY old project. Is there not a way to change the default way cubase opens the project? (bus-wise)

The key is, to name a preset “default”, or “DEFAULT” (Martin mentioned it already, perhaps not explicit enough. :wink: ) Is this perhaps, what you are missing.

You mean RE-name a preset? i.e. the “stereo” preset?


Yes, you have to do it for every old project. The preset itself is not the object, which is loaded. So if you rename the “Stereo” preset to the “default” preset, it’s not the same object, which would be loaded. The data in the preset is loaded with the project (whatever the preset exists or not). “Default” preset just overwrites this settings while creating a new project, not while loading an old project.

Another solution would be to use Control Room (Cubase Pro only). The Control Room has a higher priority, so it’s not overwritten by the loaded project.

I have Cubase Artist. I can’t believe i had only ONCE the option to select what bus I want cubase to load as a default! Everything should be undoable and editable. What not this?


No, you can change it anytime.

Be aware, the information is stored in the project. So you just load the data from the project. Same as you load a tracks and all data. The busses are project data.

Imagine you would like to change a color of all tracks from the default grey to red. You also have to do it per project. This is the same.

Let me rephrase that:
I accidentally ONCE selected the wrong bus as default.
Can I revert my selection to another bus as default?
Obviously I am not interested in doing that for every older project I open.
And I only have cubase artist.


Yes, you can do it for every single new project since you make the change.

You cannot batch-edit multiple projects at once, to change this parameter in multiple projects at once.

You made some parameters setup in an old projects, now you want to change the parameter (whatever parameter it is, this is a project parameter).

I understand your pain though.

This happened when I installed ur-rt2 and opened cubase for the first time.
Somehow the effect bus configuration was selected, I accidentally accepted this as a default configuration (after cubase suggested that to me) and now I seem to be stuck with that. I just want to undo that selection once and for all, so the default bus configuration is the simple one (i.e. NOT the effects one).

There is a bit of confusion here, because Cubase does not (in this particular way) work the way you want it to.
So while you can change de default configuration for future projects by creating the correct output config and save it as “Default”,
the in/out config is saved with the project, so the next time you open up a project made with the wrong config you will have to first change it, then immediately save the project and then it will be ok next time you open it. This will only take 10 seconds of your time, and you only do this once for each project created with the unusable config.
I hope this helps.

yes, but as you say I have to do this for every past project I open, and there are dozens of them. Wouldn’t it be more logical if I could undo the choice I made once, for all projects?


You can do this for all projects in the Control Room in Cubase Pro. Control Room is global settings (therefore you can do it). Inputs/Outputs are local/project settings, therefore you can’t do it globally.

Yes, you have to to this for every past project (since you got the UR-RT2) ONCE. How long have you had the UR-RT2, and how many projects have you started with the wrong Default setup? Changing the output bus once for each project is a minor inconvenience at most, and just the way Cubase (without Control Room) works :sunglasses:
And no, I see no logic in having the DAW revert to a default in/out setup each time I open a project, that would make me seriously mad as I do change stuff around a lot and also work with my laptop at multimple locations with very different hardware setups.

Martin, I have cubase artist.

Strummer, the behavior I describe happens with ALL past projects. New projects are fine. But ALL past projects open with the wrong bus configuration, which is very frustrating!

Yes of course it happens when you open stuff that you made with another soundcard, thats the way cubase works. So there is really nothing wrong, it’s just annoying for you initially.
I do understand your frustration, but since there is nothing wrong this is more something you could put as a request in future releases if youbfeel its important.

Strummer, it’s not that I changed card, the new card is automatically recognized when opening the old projects. It is just that the “wrong” bus on the new card is selected - the one I accidentally chose as a default one and now am striving to take back!