Audio Connections does not lead to External Instruments tab? oh no!

All Cubase manuals/videos state that - in order to set up an external instrument - I should go to Studio > More Options > MIDI device manager. However, when I land on the MIDI device manager, the only choices I see are Input/Output. Why don’t I see an External Instruments tab??’

Screen shot attached

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Are you sure your version of Cubase (pro, artist, elements) supports external instruments ?

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Hi Robin2020
Looks like you opened the Audio Connections window…
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This is how the window in cubase 11 looks like…
I would be surprised, if every DAW from Steinberg didn’t give you the option to set up an external instrument…best regards Klaus

Sorry …forgot to upload the second SD…

…so this is how the window in cubase 11 looks like…

Re your screenshot. Looks like you’re using a version that doesn’t support it. As far as I remember only Cubase Pro supports External FX as well as Control Room, Group/FX and External Instruments.

What version are you using?

I have Cubase Elements 11

You are about Control Room btw - Elements does not have this

Hi all, I am using Cuase 11 PRO, but infortunatelly I can ´t see EXTERNAL FX option… Control room option is visible, but External FX doesnt. Does it any selection in PREFERENCE or is it visible “somewhere”, directly, please? Thank you for your help

In the Audio connections window, it’s the fourth pane, labelled as External FX