Audio Connections - Missing

Hi All , I set up my ext synths the other day (not easy) , I use a laptop, so as normal I unplug my UAD IOs and then take the laptop home and do some work there , I got a message saying connection lost and just clicked ok , when I got back in the studio none of my IO settings were there… Is this right ?

Yes because you unplugged it while Cubase was running and clicked yes.

OK so if I quite Cubase then open without UAD , it will be ok , when I go back the studio and re connect ?

If your going from one interface to another then it will not be happy. Have you saved all your in connections and out? I do so if something messes them up I can recall them easily

I have one computer (setup). It’s is a MacBook Pro , so when I leave my studio (disconnect my 1 x thunderbolt 4 cable) If I then use my MacBook , I guess it has another io set up , which I have never considered before , but for me it’s alway been temporary things until I plug back in…

So can I save the main studio (UAD) connection some
How ?

Cubase remembers its last audio interface. First don’t unplug the UAD while Cubase is open. If you use core audio I between then it will remember that next time you open Cubase. The save option is in the connections menu as is the open option.

sorry for basic questions , I am new to Cubase . I don’t see CoreAudio as an options

Also only see an option to Save/Load presets for inputs and outputs not external instruments …

This is really Odd, I can’t be the only person using a laptop that works away from the Main IO set up . I have tried and even quitting Cubase then disconnecting from the TB UAD , If I open cubase with the IO not connected the next time I re-connect the UAD all my iOs are lost