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Hi All , I set up my ext synths the other day (not easy) , I use a laptop, so as normal I unplug my UAD IOs and then take the laptop home and do some work there , I got a message saying connection lost and just clicked ok , when I got back in the studio none of my IO settings were there… Is this right ?

Yes because you unplugged it while Cubase was running and clicked yes.

OK so if I quite Cubase then open without UAD , it will be ok , when I go back the studio and re connect ?

If your going from one interface to another then it will not be happy. Have you saved all your in connections and out? I do so if something messes them up I can recall them easily

I have one computer (setup). It’s is a MacBook Pro , so when I leave my studio (disconnect my 1 x thunderbolt 4 cable) If I then use my MacBook , I guess it has another io set up , which I have never considered before , but for me it’s alway been temporary things until I plug back in…

So can I save the main studio (UAD) connection some
How ?

Cubase remembers its last audio interface. First don’t unplug the UAD while Cubase is open. If you use core audio I between then it will remember that next time you open Cubase. The save option is in the connections menu as is the open option.

sorry for basic questions , I am new to Cubase . I don’t see CoreAudio as an options

Also only see an option to Save/Load presets for inputs and outputs not external instruments …

This is really Odd, I can’t be the only person using a laptop that works away from the Main IO set up . I have tried and even quitting Cubase then disconnecting from the TB UAD , If I open cubase with the IO not connected the next time I re-connect the UAD all my iOs are lost

Hi everyone, I had just updated my Cubase 12 to version 12.0.60, and one of my audio connections is missing. Is there a way to downgrade the version to the previous one?

Hi Blake,

If you have only lost your audio connections once on upgrading, it’s best to follow the above advice (if you haven’t already) ie. go to Studio, Studio Setup, and check your Audio Interface is named under ‘audio systme’, otherwise click on ‘Add Device’ and select your system & click OK.

Then go to Studio, Audio Connections, and setup your inputs & outputs tabs (or control room instead of outputs if you use control room - in Pro only).
Then save the preset so you have it in case it’s lost again.

However, if you 've done all this and it keeps losing the audio connections, then it’s a bug and there has been a post with a suggestion of how it may be fixed (I’ll try to find it and update this) but I had other unrelated issues in 12.0.3 and had to go back to 12.0.0 which I’m still on.
You will find earlier versions (for Windows & Mac) near the bottom of this page:

UPDATE: Just found the old thread but realised the only fix suggestion was to check the drivers or upgrade to latest Cubase ‘in case’ it’s been fixed. I’m staying with 12.0.0 cos it works fine for me (with little glitches I can live with).

It’s not that’s , it’s cos I am using a laptop , when I unplug from the studio rig , and open cubase it’s set switches to the laptops internal io , the when I go back to the studio , all my external synth IO’s are missing , I then have to delete each one , one by one then re add for my fav list , as there is no save for external inst or Fx !

Fixed: I figured out the issue. In the control panel, there is a box that allows the asio to take control. I had the box unchecked and once I checked it, my connections came back.

So I haven’t had my IO switch out by Cubase automatically or randomly, but what happens after you do change your IO is really well explained in this YouTube video .

Well explained? He is halfway correct and halfway drama queen.
Notice that he doesn’t use a preset for inputs and outputs?
Furthermore he could use the Favorites system in External Effects. It would still be a PITA to re-construct everything but would take ‘only’ half the time.
So he showcased the problem in a way that he is not using the built-in support, making it bigger than it is.
This having said: There should be a preset system also for External Effects and Instruments, just as there is for input, output, CR.


Hi @Johnny_Moneto,

good points. That tutorial video comes across as - more or less - a bit too much of a rant. Nevertheless it’s quite interesting to watch that very experienced engineer’s studio environment in action, and what things actually look like in a more complex Nuendo environment.

In the future, perhaps Steinberg could create something along the lines of that good old Environment visualization that Logic still uses, which might be of great help when managing all possible devices and their ports / channels etc., and for connecting all kinds of track types, busses, signals, FX outboard(s), etc.

Then, in such a (newly written) subsystem, it shouldn’t be insurmountable for Steinberg’s devs to add 100% reliable full recall of any I/O related user settings. (my 2 cts)



Well it’s clear in that if you change your IO , you lose all connections.
EXT FX / EXT INST don’t have presets , Just fav’s list and they done work if you have the now broken EXT FX / EXT INST still in the active audio connections. so you have to delete is each one (one at a time as you can select Multiple! ) then load each one from the Fav’s list. takes four ever

One thing I have learn from him is to copy the “External Plugins.xm” file and replace this after you set your IO back to the one you use, . its a pain , but 100% faster then me having to remove and reload each Fav every day!

My problem is taking the laptop out the studio each day , which switches Cubase to the Mac Internal audio …

I love Cubase 12 , I just moved back to it after 20 Years and it great , the Audio connections window is fine, it just need to remember all connections for any IO you select , the fact that his work around of Copying the “external Plugins.xml” fixes this mean it should be simple , let just have a “external Plugins.xml” for each IO ?

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At this point and Steinberg no - the Favorites list is broken. Cubase add Ext Inst - YouTube

No Drama Queen just a quick look , I have the all logged as bugs btw.

See how Cubase and Logic do this very differently

Logic add Ext - Logic add Ext Inst - YouTube
Logic switching IO - Logic changing IO - YouTube

Cubase add Ext Inst Cubase add Ext Inst - YouTube
Cubase switching IO

In my opinion it would be desirable to have the following two items:

  • Preset system instead of Favorites for Ext Effects and Ext Instruments - in order to be able to save entire sets of definitions
  • a set “last known connections and busses” for each ASIO device -
    so that upon changing ASIO devices they get (re-)connected properly again

It would also be nice to have a full recall option all in/outs/ext Fx inst …… in one