Audio Connections preset location?

Hey all,

I’m migrating Cubase and need to find above presets… Any hints?


Hi Benji,

the file is called RamPresets.xml.

It is (for example) located in this folder: %appdata%/Steinberg/Cubase 9.5_64/Presets

Within the string, the folder name /Cubase 9.5_64/ can be different. It depends on the “older” Steinberg version, that you are using.

Thx, super!


Hi! And how to restore the presets with that? If I copy that to the same folder under cubase 10.5, cubase does not start.

OK. Right after the update there was no RAMPreset file under the 10.5 directory. When I copied from 10, the 10.5 did not start.
I had to restart the computer, the the default RampPreset file was under the 10.5 and I could replace it with the previous one. Then it works againg.