Audio continues beyond Event border on a track

This is a second time this is happening within a week or so - there is literally no clip but the sound is playing! I seriously hope they will address those issues before releasing any major updates. The bugs are just unworkable, I spend more time troubleshooting than making stuff!

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Not quite sure if you are looking for a solution, or just want to vent, so let us know!

There is more in the message I have posted, I don’t know why have you choosen to omit this - Fix those bugs perhaps?

I read the entire post of course, but I didn’t include it in my reply.

It is not clear yet what’s behind your issue. I would hope you would take my question literally. But to clarify, I’ll elucidate on what I meant.

Sometimes people just want post a complaint about something, which is perfectly fine here on this forum. In those cases I have found that posting questions intended for troubleshooting are actually not relevant to the person who posted. So I asked you which it was.

Had you said you wanted to troubleshoot, I would have tried to help. From your post, it seemed to me, subjectively speaking, that you wanted to express a complaint. But since I wasn’t sure, I asked.

I would postulate that the sound is coming from the Halion Sonic VST, since the audio stops at the end of its midi part, but can’t know why without further info.

I think if you knew how to trouble shoot this, you would have replied with a solution instead of the message you have posted, no?

Excuse me. I did post an idea to start troubleshooting with.

I’ve had this - extend the event to where the audio is playing on the sax solo part.

Then cut and delete that portion of the event.

@Manike Is there a repro sequence to reproduce this?


No - it happened to me once a couple of months ago.

I think I was importing multiple bits of audio recorded somewhere else. Could have been a corruption in one of the files perhaps.

It’s not happened to me before or since.

Hm. It would be nice to find a way to repro for a report.

If you ever see it again (or if you remember from last time) did the display in the sample editor (or any other view, really) match the event’s length in the Project view? Or if there were there any other anomalies in that project?

I have used loop form Cubase Packs.

which loop?

I ueed melodyne to change the pitch and then used the transpose from the info line

I’m wondering if the loop is the the problem, you mentioned it was from Cubase, so what is the name of the loop? I will try to repro.

25 sax solo 3

It could well have been to do with melodyne - ARA, not as an insert.

Ah. Thanks, good hint