Audio/CPU Performance dropping out constantly since updating 12.0.10

Recently updated to Cubase 12 from 11.5. Was working great on my 2019 16gb ram MacBook Pro. Since doing the most recent 12.0.10 update last week, Cubase can handle playing back nothing without glitching/CPU overload dropout dialogue. H
ave tried adjusting audio buffer size, and all the other things that you would do to troubleshoot this issue, to no effect. Loading up projects in Cubase 11.5 work just fine, with all the same settings and hardware sonfigurations. So the only thing i can deduce is the issue, is to do with the new maintenance update.

Anyone else had any issues since updating?

Wow… 11.5
I missed that one…

This is a known issue and developers are working on it actively.

Cubase 12.0.10 - performance issues