Audio Crash - sales upgrade enquirery


I touched on this last year, never really resolved the problem…
Perhaps an upgrade might sort out the problem?

…In Cubase 7.5 on a pc with good specs. Cubase cant cope with guitar rig or any layered amp modelling software.

I work on a track for a while then suddenly the track starts to distort, leading to the audio popping and crunching then the track starts sticking and jumping (on all tracks). The final result is an audio crash eventually! The only cure I have found is to do a complete restart. I can’t find a way to purge the ram/sound card(?) and continue. UPGRADE???
Would Cubase 8 be able to resolve this issue or do I need a new USB audio interface ike the UR242 as I am using a dated M-audio fast track pro or is there a cheaper fix I have over looked? Any help would be great!!! Contacted customer service 3 weeks ago and haven’t heard a word from anyone at all… poor customer service!



This has to do with your computer or your buffer settings, probably the drivers of your audio interface, have you tested it with a different audio interface, have you optimised your computer, tested it with DPC Latency Checker or LatencyMon?

What happens when you use the integrated VST amp rack inside of Cubase do you have the same results?
There are plenty of other users using Guitar Rig together with Cubase without this problem. Cubase is not to blame here.

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