Audio Crash When moving from Audio to Midi Track C9.0.3

This problem was present in 9.0.2 and I have been meaning to report it but due to the nature of the issue I have mostly just been working back in C8.5.

When using the arrow keys to move up and down through tracks on the Arrange page or left and right to tracks on the mixer if I go from a midi track to an audio track or back it can cause a crash. The crash causes the current audio to loop over and over with roughly a half second length. This will continue until I select to quit cubase from the task manager.
Also clicking from one track type to another can cause this crash. It is somewhat unpredictable, on some projects it will happen over and over again and on others it will just happen randomly some time in to the session. It does seem to be much more likely to happen when I have a lower buffer size running on my soundcard.
Cubase it’self remains responsive so I am able to save my project, I am however unable to quit cubase via alt F4 or by selecting quit in the menu. I have also noted that once this crash happens I am unable to use the play tool, when clicking this on an audio even the cursor remains static.
Once I have quit cubase from the task manager I am able to restart cubase and everything works without the need for a system reboot.
Cubase 8 is pretty rock solid on my system.
My System is as follows.

Windows 10 Pro
Intel i7-6950x
64 Gig RAM
GeForce GTX 970
M2 System Drive 500GB
SSD Project Drive 1TB
4 HDD with 11TB Total
RME RayDat (latest drivers and firmware)

Can anyone else recreate this?
It seems the more CPU intensive the more likely it is to happen, the less CPU usage the shorter I can make the buffer without it crashing when switching to or from a MIDI channel.
I have a feeling the issue is somewhere in the delay compensation.

No can not recreate.

Can also not recreate, sounds like an audio buffer issue, did you already trash preferences?
Or do a full clean install (windows AND Cubase)

I trashed prefs, no issue on C8, feels like when it is having to think about delay compensation going from a playback track to a midi track it freezes. If the buffer is set too short it all goes wrong. The more CPU the project is using and the more time it needs to think the longer the buffer has to be to prevent a crash, on a very big project it will always crash.
I will look in to the RME driver and see if the problem is there.