Audio cruches when mouse moving UR 22c

Hello, i have a strange issue (sorry for my english, im from poland :))
When i moving mouse (logitech g502hero), sound stops for a while. I was trying another usb ports, changing usb mode 3.1->2.0, reinstall all drivers, adding dc charger, nothing helps.

my set:
intel 11700k
msi mpg z490
ur 22c
rtx 3070
thermaltake core p8
32 gb ram

Could be a graphics driver issue. WHen the mouse moves it uses the graphic card, if there is an issue it causes dropouts on the Audio.

Could try removing all Logitech drivers.
Your mouse should work fine using only the bare driver from the OS.

My theory is that the driver for a gaming mouse like this one might be tuned to “steel” the USB stack for itself to achieve the lowest possible latency (what gamers want), but doing so it will impact the latency of other USB devices like your UR22C…

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