Audio cuts not following logical position

I’m just wondering how people deal with this sort of behaviour when editing audio. I’m editing rhymical elements that are 2 beats long and snapped to beats 1/1. Those parts grow with the fade regions and then when I swap them around and snap them back to the beat they are now out of time.

Presumably this must be a very common issue. I suppose it’s feature, even though it’s completely illogical in musical terms… how do people deal with it?

i.e. Is there a way to make the parts follow their ‘logical’ position… presumably the software knows when it has extended the parts without asking… ? Forgive my laziness for not digging through the documentation but on past experience I don’t hold out hope of finding anything useful and I need to protect my mental health!

In this scenario, I would make use of Snap Points.
Open the first clip in the Sample Editor and drag the [S] handle to a spot where it should align with a down beat. Back in the Project Window, change Snap to Beats and move the clip. If you don’t want the relationship between the two clips to change, you can Group them first.

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thank you for taking the time to help, I think I remember this now from way back 20 years ago and I think that was why I just ditched working with audio then, because I felt that was simply a broken way of working. Logically, I have a section that is time aligned, in time perfectly etc… I cut it on the beats, I move them, everything is snap to beats, I’m using musical mode which is meant to keep parts snapped to logical positions… as far as I can see the start position should always be where I cut it and not where the added fade ends… so I wouldn’t accept manually adding snap points as a solution to the problem in a sane world. I will wait and see if anyone else has input. Thanks again.