Audio cuts off and recovers (UR22 MK2)

Hello everyone, I’ve been having issues lately with my (now no longer) trusty UR22 MK2 (silver color in case that matters) and FL Studio, however this happens with the Desktop Spotify App as well and I’d assume with most other DAW’s too

So when I play audio through FL studio I get occasional (every 10 sec or so) audio cut offs which happen kind of smoothly, without any clicks or pops, just a sudden cut and then a really quick fade in (It 95% of the time recovers by itself like that). However it seems like clicking and even more frequently moving the playback bar by clicking somewhere in the playlist has a tendency to cause a cut off by itself, even though that doesnt really affect the time-based cuts, they still keep happening
Ive noticed this happening in spotify as well, where the sound goes away and it says something similar to: This track is not availiable, you can import this track as a file if you have it on your pc. Also I think Ive encountered this issue before but as far as I can remember, I found some sort of solution to it. This time though, I really have done everything I could think of and it still keeps happening, I’m almost going mad over this

PS: I forgot to add, after some testing the ASIO4ALL Driver SEEMS to be a solution, getting rid of the cuts
However I’d rather be able to use my hardware sound interface, which still causes cuts

Also I’ve recently installed win11 and even though that might be relevant, it could also not be, since I think I’ve had this issue before. I’ve tried unistalling and trying with no realtek audio drivers and reinstalling the latest version with no signs of hope. I’ve updated my GPU Drivers, BIOS and I’m thinking of changing my boot drive to GPT from MBR (Should I risk it?)

Intel i5 7600k CPU
MSI B250M Pro-VDH Motherboard
2 HDD’s for Samples / 1 SSD on which FL is installed
Steinberg UR22 mkII Sound Interface
AMD RX5700xt GPU
Using Realtek Audio Codec Drivers

What did the last virus check find?
It sounds more like scareware or something similar than a real issue with the interface…

Well I didnt do no virus check actually and it honestly probably is not a virus/malware/scareware or anything similar

Its more of a driver issue as far as I can tell

Much luck…

Thanks a ton! I definitely need that since this is ridiculous

Any clues ?

If the above is correct the problem is right there, but I am hoping you are not trying to use Realtek drivers with your UR22 Mk2?

If it was just with your daw I would guess a plugin isn’t licensed, but as you say spotify does the same perhaps you are using some kind of global software that isn’t licensed?

If MBR was the problem, it would be the frist I heard of it.