audio data not bundled to project

Hello Everyone!

A friend of mine lent one of his macs to me, to see if I would want to switch in the future. I tried loading the last cubase project I was working on, and half the audio data was lost. It turns out the problem was that the audio data saves in my ‘documents’ folder on the c drive on my PC, instead of saving to the actual project folder. Is there a way to change this in Cubase, so that all the data gets saved in the project folder itself, instead of in ‘documents’?

I can think of lots of reason why this would be a problem. In fact, trying to move a project to any other computer would create a problem if this were the case when I tried to so so. Also, backing up projects won’t work, because half the data is stored somewhere else. Now, I know logically, that I could just back up both folders, but I’d rather just have all the project data in one place.


When you set up projects in Cubase from the New Project option set ‘prompt for project location’. There you can set the default paths for audio so that all data stays within each project folder.

There are a number of ways that data can be overlooked though, but these problems are addressed using the ‘Back up project’ and ‘Prepare archive’ options. Both are described in the manual. Page 56

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the response.

Now that the project is already finished though, is there a way to bundle that data with the project? I have several projects that have been started since my move back to cubase, and I’d like to know the data is complete when moving the projects to my external drive for back-up.

Thanks a lot for you respone, you’ve already saved us a lot of hassle. :slight_smile:

Go to the Pool and make sure the Record Folder for each clip is set to the Audio folder inside the Project folder. If not, set it there and then Prepare Archive and Backup Project. You need to backup the entire project folder, not just the .cpr.