Audio Device shows iPad Mic only

I can’t switch from iPad Mic to the Steinberg UR242 Audio Interface in the setup - audio device. Can you help me?

Hi Chris,

could you please provide us with some info about your setup?

Beside the UR242 what iPad or iOS Version are you using? Do you have an original Apple USB Camera Connection kit to connect the interface?


Im using an iPad mini. Connection kit is not original. But with the dspmixfx App its working.

An idea why i cant switch the Audio Device?


Here are some further suggestions.

Please check the privacy settings for the microphone in the iPad settings are set correct:
Settings-> Privacy-> Microphone-> enable access for Cubasis

We also suggest to use the original Apple connection kit.
The UR 242 has to be connected to the original power unit shipping with the device.

Please have a look at the Cubasis LE tutorial at around 1:50 to learn how to assign an audio track to a connected device:

Please get back to me if these steps help to solve the problem.


Thank you. Its not the Original Connection kit but its working with the dspmixfx App. So why it doesnt work in the Cubasis App?

It is recommended to use the original camera connection kit from Apple.

Here are a few additional questions/tips to check:

  • Do other music apps (e.g. Garage Band) can be used with the audio device?
  • Can you get hold of an original connection kit cable to give it a try?


Do I Need to buy the Full Version of Cubasis? Is there a 0€ App that I can try out?

Hi Chris2TheTop,

Thanks for your message.

Cubasis LE is available as a free download on iTunes and can be unlocked with a compatible hardware device.
Unless unlocked the app runs in demo mode that allows to play back a demo song and to browse through the app areas.

Please find more information right here:

Hope that helps.