Audio Direct vs through Cubase channel


I was wondering… maybe it is too “esoteric” for you, but…

When monitoring audio from a synth directly through totalmix, it sounds better than when it goes through a cubase channel…

you see, I was switching back and forth between direct i/o and routing through a cubase channel- same levels etc, no processing…

When monitoring directly, the sound made the micromolecules in my body vibrate a certain way… the sound feels energetic and it gives off a certain energy that feels good and motivates to continue…
-routing the same channel through a cubase channel in comparison - the energy gets diminished and there is some sort of “governor” in place - throttling the invisible energy , like some kind of patronizing energy that gets disapated… - same levels, same db same same, but different…

It is like a comparison that another user on this board made, quasi stating that : When sound gets played through the mediabay, it is energy and the sound is fresh… once the sound gets imported from mediabay, it loses its appeal/energy… This is exactly what I feel when switching from direct sound to “channeled through cubase” sound…

So I ask you in wonder- what makes the directs sound and mediabay sound sound so much better than when I import it into cubase? what kinda of routing is going on that affects the sound in such a big way?

Thanks for any information =)

oh, and dearest Steinberg, you MUST fix this please. - get someone to help you who has the ability to hear/feel these subtle nuances…

Thank you and have a wonderful Xmas time or whatever time it is for you=)

peace and love to all =)

more thoughts and wonders:

hmm … about the direct monitoring - maybe going directly through the soundcard bypasses the set sample rate in cubase?

  • does “monitoring” in a cubase channel give me a 1:1 signal or does it depend on the project samplerate - and does the sample rate only play a role if one records into cubase…?

  • I will get in touch with rme to ask if the sample rate plays a role when “directly monitoring” through the interface vs. being sent through to cubase…

  • does the mediabay have a different internal playback sample rate vs when the audio gets imported into cubase?

    here are samplerates vs. audible frequency respose of wav (uncompressed audio rate) (and mp3) (couldn’t find a list like this anywhere so for the record:… :stuck_out_tongue: )

sample rate                upper limit of possible audible freq response cut off
-------------              ------------------------------------------------------------
8     KHz         =        4        kHz
22.05 KHz         =        11.025   kHz
44.1  KHz         =        22.05    kHz
48    KHz         =        24       kHz
88.2  KHz         =        44.1     kHz
96    KHz         =        48       kHz
192   KHz         =        96       kHz

resolution                 upper limit of possible audible freq response cut off
-------------              -------------------------------------------------------------
1411 kbps        =        >20   kHz
320  kbps        =         19.5 kHz
192  kbps        =         18   kHz
160  kbps        =         17   kHz
128  kbps        =         16   kHz
96   kbps        =         15   kHz
64   kbps        =         11   kHz
32   kbps        =         5    kHz

(seems that there is also a consensus that 44.1 KHz only goes up to 20kHz audible instead of 22.05 and that 48 kHz goes up to 22kHz - like in various audio software) - maybe this limit is “pushed down” due to alliasing? anybody with more insight as to why this is so?)


merry X-mas or whatever is merry for you;)

I think you may have drank too much eggnog. :clown_face:

As far as total mix versus going through Cubase, maybe you are sensitive to latency. You won’t get a lower latency monitoring digitally when going through just the sound card routing. Once you add in Cubase, you add a little bit more latency depending on how heavy the project is and whether you have constrain delay compensation on and/or if Cubase direct monitoring on.

As far as monitoring in media Bay versus importing the sample, I think you have some mind trickery going on there. I’ve never experienced that. It’s different auditioning samples Click by click versus dropping something in a track and getting it leveled up with everything. Two different mental States.