"Audio Driver could not be loaded" with built in audio, Macbook pro Cubase 12

Hello, i am encountering the error “audio Driver could not be loaded…” or Cubase will freeze on load up after i choose a device as the audio driver. this was happening with my Focusrite Scarlett so i decided to troubleshoot with just the laptop fully in the box using the built in drivers. everything is completely unplugged from the computer.

i can get into cubase if i do not choose a driver, and when in the program if i choose the built in audio it either freezes or gives me the error seen in the attached screenshots.

some details of my system. Macbook 2019, 2.4 GHz 8-Core Intel Core i9, 32 GB 2667 MHz DDR4. running on Ventura 13.4.1(c)

i run a roughly 150 track template with mostly all kontakt instruments and various other synths. this has happened in the past when i was at the end of a project and cubase crashed and wouldnt connect to the Scarlett. I got around fixing it by unplugging the computer and loading the project using the built in audio. this time i cant connect to the built in audio at all and as mentioned, Cubase freezes upon start up after selecting a device.

i have completely uninstalled cubase and re-installed twice now.

see below screenshots for more insight.

thank you for your help.


I would try to restart the system.

Maybe I would try to reset the Core audio (I believe there is a Terminal way to do so).

unfortunately resetting the coreaudio did not solve the issue. i have restarted the system many times over. coreaudio is working perfectly well system wide, Ableton live, stand alone kontakt, other synths.

this is a cubase issue where choosing any driver will cause it to freeze or give the error “audio driver could not be loaded…”

cubase is simply refusing to use any audio driver


Does it freeze with showing the rainbow ball?

Yes. When opening Cubase the program boots then give me options to load an audio driver, as seen on screen shots, if I press OK it freezes with rainbow wheel. I can click cancel and this will proceed to the opening screen where I can choose a project. This project will load without a driver. In studio setup when I choose a driver it either freezes with the wheel or gives the error. Most of the time it gives the error.

There is a very long thread by HamishCubase who has the exact same issue. Same computer as well, running Cubase 12.

He has not answered my message in a few months so I can’t get more info out of him.

Its been a long two days but i ended up downgrading my OS from Ventura to Monterey. re-installed all software, all music libraries and plugins.
Cubase 12 now opens as it should. this actually also solved an issue where orchestral tools’ SINE player would instantly crash my DAW on load.