Audio Driver Error after latest Windows 10 update

After my Windows 10 OS updated to the “2004” version, I get this error every time I open Cubase (or any other audio application)
Audio driver Error after Win 10 update.jpg
While opening Cubase I have to click “OK” 10 times before the message goes away. After that I have audio, but the system is slower than normal.

Running eLicencer did not help.

Removing the latest Windows update did not help.



What DID help was reinstalling the Yamaha USB driver.

I had to do the same thing after 2004. My USB driver was gone! A lot of crap has happened since the incompetent idiots at MS were allowed to release 2004!! They should stop trying to improve what was working already.

Win10 2004 has/had a lot of problems, but this is not one of them. It is perfectly normal that a bigger update like this require drivers to be updated or reinstalled, the same goes for copy protection.
That has been that way since Windows 10 came to be.