Audio Driver Selection Problem

System: Cubase 11 Pro, Windows 10, Focusrite Clarett & Focusrite Control interface.
Yesterday this setup was recording audio and MIDI perfectly. Usually I can easily choose between 2-3 different audio interfaces - including the laptop’s own.
Today, Focusrite is connected and running on PC, but Cubase ‘Audio Connections’ lists only ‘Generic Low-latency Audio Driver’, which is displayed, but does nothing.

Please can anyone suggest why Cubase cannot see my Focusrite system, and a logical ‘reset’ routine I could follow?

reboot ?..

Thanks for your reply…and you’d think, but this was from a fresh start.
Reboot makes no difference.
Windows correctly shows Focusrite as primary I/O channel with the laptop’s default as second choice as usual.
It’s as if Cubase lost its memory overnight.

do you have any other devices that use ASIO drivers ?

Windows uses different drivers to cubase so it’s not a proper test…I saw some issues with Line6 devices having corrupted drivers after a windows update - so if the ASIO driver has disappeared then I’d reinstall the focusrite driver.

PROBLEM SOLVED I was baffled by a user interface ‘feature’.

The Menu bar entry ‘Studio’ listed ‘Audio Connections’ at the top, but only ‘Generic ASIO Audio Driver’ which was live.

The other drivers are listed at the bottom of the ‘Studio’ menu in ‘Studio Setup’ > ‘Audio Systems’. But here again you only see the default and live option ‘Generic ASIO Audio Driver’ until you click in the drop-down list box where any other interfaces are cunningly concealed.

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