Audio Drop Out on Recording, Pardon?

Hi, I occasionally suffer from audio drop out at the start of a recording in WL10. I put this down to my hard drive being asleep. I lose just a few seconds from the start of a recording and this happens rarely so I don’t worry too much. Yesterday though I lost 2 or three seconds not from the top but from five seconds into the recording, which I thought was strange and doesn’t really tie in with my hard drive theory! It is not that the missing audio is muted - the file is actually shorter as if an edit had been made.
Anyway it prompted my to update from 10.03 to 10.05 - I’m on Windows 10 and just wondering if anyone else has this problem. I also run Digital Performer 10, Studio One 5, Samplitude ProX4 and Sound Forge something or other, none of them exhibit this problem.
The interface is the Audient iD44 in this case.

Ta and a good new year to all!