Audio drop outs.... again!

Updated to Cubase 6.5 64 bit, reinstalled MR816CSX drivers, MR Editor, Extensions, CC121 drivers. Installed new hybrid (Momentus XT) solid state/disk hard drive, re-installed Windows 7 Pro 64 bit all new drivers and updates, Dell Vostro 420 2.4 ghz Intel Q6600 quad core with 6 gb ram, Nvidia NVS 285 graphics cards one PCI 16x the other PCI express. Ran Latencymon and it says I should have no problem with audio drop outs. Disabled just about everything in Windows and I’m STILL having problems with audio drop outs. Imported audio from a CD and even had dropouts during playback. I’ve run buffer size all the way up till I had over 30ms total latency (using direct monitoring on the (2) MR816CSX) and still have drop outs. I’ve searched the web for fixes and have been unsuccessful thus far.

Does anyone have any input as to what or where I shoud be looking? Drivers are all up to date, running an add-on PCI Firewire card specifically made for audio/video applications (can’t remember the name at the moment) and it’s drivers are also up to date. I did have this problem before the update to 6.5 but was hoping some magic would happen during the update to remedy it.

Very frustrated that I haven’t been able to trace this down. Thanks so much to anyone with input - all is appreciated. Ulti

Have you tried removing the battery? I was having a similar issue with my Dell and that was the solution.

This is mind boggling! Judging by your stuff it should run smoothly.
do you get any feedback from the cpu and ram meter in the transport panel, does it lit up?
Do you have any other applications like wavelab etc and do they work as expected?
Are the dropouts momentarily?

First of all, I am no expert, but judging by your system it’s not a driver issue or system failure.
Seems like something is conflicting. What happens if you switch (just to experiment) to the onboard
soundcard (if there is one) with the full duplex driver?

Greetz Dylan.

Also might wanna make sure you’re keeping the box on your computer’s charger away from your interface. :wink:

Nvidia on two different slots?

hI Mr Roos, thought I owed you a reply even though its been over a year… I run two NVidia NVS 285 video cards to run 3 or 4 monitor displays. That’s why on two different slots. Thanks for reading my post a year plus ago though. Hope all is well, best wishes. Ulti

How did you actually solve this? I have an ASUS EAX card next to an NVS 285 and each time I move windows on that card, it creates audio drops out… My primary card sits in a PCI-X as well as the NVS?
16 GB RAM/ AMD@3.2ghz six core / 4 x 500 GB HD

kind regards

It is not 100% solved. In fact I never could get the Dell Vostro 420 as described to work properly. I ended up getting a Dell Vostro 430 with i7 cpu, 8gb, solid state primary drive, Pyro Firewire card, hybrid secondary drives, and still using the NVS 285 cards with 3 monitors. Even with that I had to do Black Viper’s tweaked mods to Windows 7 64 bit to get a useable performance from Cubase with the MR816’s. It’s been suggested I go to the new UR series USB interfaces but I’ve heard they’re just as bad. Thinking about starting from scratch but haven’t made up my mind yet. Perhaps Dell computers are just not DAW friendly.