Audio drop outs in Dorico 4 pro


I have clicks and pops in audio and my soundcard says it has drop outs in Dorico Pro 4(latest version) I am on win10 latest version.
It has nothing to do with lataency because I tried different settings in my card. (RME Fireface 802)

It only occurs in Dorico and not in Cubase 12, Wavelab 11 or other music software I have.
I have a diagnostic report attached.
Please have a look as I can’t figure it out myself.

Many thanks in advance!
Dorico (3.4 MB)

Hi @FJJ_Music ,
you have HALion Sonic 7 installed which has a known issue, which could be the cause of your problem. Please have a look at this thread and apply the described workaround for keeping the MediaServer running. How is it going if you do that?

Hi Ulf,

Thanks for helping me. No, it does not change at all; i already tried this before as I have read this post before.
It is so weird that in Cubase there is no sign of this at all. Just Dorico.

Are Cubase, Dorico and all the other apps set to use the same sample rate?

Dorico is set to 44.1 kHz and Cubase runs at 48 kHz

But I just tried Dorico at 48 k and it is still the same.

The only problem with Halion 7 is that it cannot find the licence for Colors Free.

Usually you can’t run apps without trouble at different sample rates.

And to what sample rate is your Fireface set?

The Fireface is set to 48k

What if you only run Dorico (at 48kHz) and no other audio app?

and with 256 samples buffer there is no problem at all playing in Cubase or Halion 7 stand alone or whatever; just in Dorico.
Maybe because of updating all this time? Is there a audioengine restart / clean install?

I just did but to no avail.

Reinstalling won’t have any effect. But could you please try and reboot and then run only Dorico?

I did just now and after playing myself on the keys it starts to drop out audio.
It runs at 48k and only Dorico is running.
I have Asio guard set to on.

I was just thinking about it…what if you switch ASIO-Guard off?

Nice: 0 errors now; I also change the output from AES tot analog out on the fireface in windows Sound

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In one file: all good. In another: Halion 7 refuses to load and Dorico hangs.

When I quit I cannot restart Dorico, Waiting for Audio engine…hangs

That happens if you load a second project.
You need to run that server script each time before starting Dorico.

Then you need to kill the VSTAudioEngine process in Task Manager or Process Explorer.