Audio Drop Outs on some channels, NOT CPU spikes

I have a weird issue on an AMD install with 9.5 pro, I get audio dropsouts but it isnt all audio, It just drops out from some channels.
No CPU spikes or any crackling or pops.

I have tried Windows 10 and 7 with 2 different audio interfaces and still have the issue.

Spec is: 32GB RAM / AMD CPU / Gigabyte Mainboard / GeForce GTX 550 Ti / SSD

This issue drove me crazy over the weekend trying to fix/find where the issue stems from.

  • I have tried all the CPU feature/tweaks I can find
  • Tried setting CPUas to NOT park
  • Three different audio interfaces tested with 3 different ASIO drivers
    I still see the audio drop outs and it seems to be worse the more channels are playing
    CPU meter sits within bottom 15% and the disk meter shows nothing.
    I think I will try and record a video showing the issue tonight as I will escilate to Steinberg support if no one in the forum chimes in with any info.