Audio Drop outs when downloading or uploading in the background???

I’m getting a lot of audio drop outs and I’m trying to figure out what to upgrade or change. The problem is most persistent when using Serum VST or when I’m uploading / downloading large files in the background.

For example: I have all of my files being backed up to an off-site storage. I’m trying to work with Cubase and I’ve frozen all VSTs so it’s just running audio. However, so long as I am running the off-site back up process it’s crackling. The best performance I get with Cubase is when everything is closed, including Chrome, etc. etc. However, this was never the case with previous version of Cubase like 5.1 which I ran a 32 bit version of for a long long time but then again I was using VST’s from 2009 when I was using Cubase 5.1.

My set up is not basic by any means.

Intel 4790K
Radeon 580
32 Gigs of RAM
1,000 watt power supply
Fresh install of Windows 10 (yesterday)
Samsung Evo SSD’s (one for the operating system, one for caching, one to store my instruments, and one for my song folders / write drives).
Full system scan for viruses

My CPU usage rarely exceeds 50% before Cubase starts to crackle so bad that it’s unusable. My RAM only goes up to 25% usage.
I’ve set the audio buffers on the MOTU from 64 to 1024. There are no other options.

I have checked the box for Steinberg power management settings for Windows

I would imagine that I would be able to browse the internet for samples and things like that while I have Cubase running and even more so I should have enough computer power to be able to upload to my back up server.

I managed to find a Youtube comment from another user who said that he also has a 4790K and a MOTU and suspects conflicts between the chip and audio interface but it was a single comment.

I am not sure where to look. Am I wrong to believe that I should be able to have multiple processes running in the background and a web browser while using Cubase? Or is that the issue no matter what?

Finally, I am not sure whether to upgrade to say a Reyzen by AMD or get a Steinberg audio interface specifically for Cubase (I need the MOTU for other applications).

What do you guys think? What kind of tests can I run? Any settings I can try tweeking?


Oh. I’m running BIt Defender too. I’ve heard of AV problems before but we SHOULD be able to have an AV running with Cubase right?

Are you using WiFi for the up/downloads ?

No. The computer is hard-wired into the router.