PROCESSOR : 2.7 GHz INTEL CORE i7 , MEMORY: 4GB 1333 MHz DDR3 , Mac OS X 10.7.3
Native instruments Komplete audio 6 interface( it came with cubase 6 le) , B.L.U.E. Mouse condenser mic, and a shure dynamic microphone … all of witch were purchased with in two months

now my problem is when i record (vocal, and only one naked track with nothing else running , no effects or anything), the audio drops out… and in… and out… now i can see the wave from the recording, but can only hear bits and pieces of the audio track. Only the recording does this… when i import an audio track it works just fine
I have tried both the SHURE dynamic, and the BLUE condenser mic.

I am a Novice to both recording and to cubase, this is my first encounter with both so any advice , tip or solution would be most appreciated thank you in advance.

Are you sure you don’t have any plugins (inserts) on the channel?

Bone dry… I start my songs out empty… … but even if i did my mac is powerful enough to handle it

Monitor your ASIO meter (F12) and see if it spikes. If so, run this on your system:

That was Split’s next recommendation, I felt it in the force. :wink:

I don’t think it will run too well in his system:


I would probably have advised the DPC, not noticing that the OP was using a Mac too :laughing:

Anyway OP… Have you downloaded and installed the latest Mac driver for the NI 6 interface and selected it in Cubase?

Also I assume you’re using the bundled Cubase LE6? have you downloaded the latest update LE 6.0.7 found here

yo tengo el mismo problema. Tengo una Pc Intel DP67BG con un prosesador I7 2600k, 8 Gigas de Memoria Ram con windows 7 y tengo los mismos problemas. Solo pude minimizar el problema dehabilitando internet y usando discos duros de no mas de 500 gb. Tengo Cubase 5 y dos Modulos MR816 CSX conectados por el puerto firewire. :question:

I have the same problem. I have a PC with an Intel DP67BG prosesador I7 2600K, 8 gigs of RAM with windows 7 and I have the same problems. I could only minimize the problem by disabling the internet and not using hard drives over 500 gb. I have Cubase 5 and MR816 CSX two modules connected by firewire port. :question:

I have Cubase 5 and MR816 CSX two modules connected by firewire port. > :question:

Tryed legacy windows firewiredriver?
And as Split recommended check you systemlatency.
In the link in my Signature you can find 2 programs to check and perhaps more Infos dealing with dropouts

Greetz Bassbase

I’ve tried everything! my observation: cubase 5 / MR816 cxs with XP (IDE bios settings) without Drops-outs but the system is slower to navigate. cubase 5 / MR816 cxs with Windows 7 (AHCI bios settings) with Drops-outs but the system is more agile to navigate. Everything was tested on an Intel PC DP67bg, 8 GB Ram Corsair mem, Intel I7 2600K and Hard Disk 1 TB Black Cabiar. Looks like AHCI steals resources OHCI 1394 Firewire Host Eiii. :bulb: