Audio drop outs when selecting a midi track that have a different output

Hello, I use cubase 12 pro and Vienna Ensemble pro 7.
When selecting a midi track that is routed to a different Vepro instance/instrument track, I get an audio drop-out. The audio cut for a second, like when loading a new vst.
As you can see in the video, the purple midi tracks are routed to a string instance inside Vepro
The green tracks are routed to a piano instance inside Vepro

The problem is solved by unchecking : “Enable Record on selected MIDI tracks” in preferences

But then I cannot record anymore… and If I want to record and I manually click on “record enable” of the selected track … back to the original issue → the audio get cut


If you Record Enable a track, the track switches to the “real-time” mode. No more ASIO-Guard. All the signal of the track has to be processed in the real-time.

Hello, I did some research on the forum and I am aware about the “why”

But surely there must be a solution. I need to be able to record durnig playback and improvise.
Why it doesn’t happen when selecting a midi track that has the same routing ?
Disabling asio guard ?
Changing audio interface ? What type of audio interface ?

I tried 512 buffer size instead of 128, I still get an audio cut although it’s shorter now

problem solved (for now) by setting the buffer of Vepro plugins to “none”

Official vepro youtube video said that it’s more cpu intensive and we should increase the buffer as the project get bigger.

So I guess it all comes down to raw cpu power right ?
Or is a special kind of audio interface important too ?

A decent audio interface with well written drivers does make a difference in that you can get lower latency at a higher buffer setting. Raw cpu power is the main factor as long as there are no other bottle necks.

Any sub 300$ audio interface recommendation ?

What are your system specs?

Currently 5600x and 64 gb ram

But my next system (soon) will be i9 13900k and 128 gb of ram

Do you not have an audio interface at present? There are loads of interfaces up to and around that area. I have an RME Babyface pro fs which I research before buying. I haven’t really researched other interfaces now for about 2 years so I would have to do the ground work you could do. My interface is over double your budget so that is no good to you.


Any Steinberg Audio Device has also stable driver with very good (low) latency (for the giver price).

focusrite scarlett solo, which was fine to me a few years ago when I wasn’t doing big project and orchestral.
Sound like I need to invest

everything was solved by ditching vepro and midi tracks and doing a single kontakt instrument track type template

I don’t think that the audio interface is the culprit here.
Could you upload your template here?
Maybe someone with VEPro installed can figure it out.