Audio Dropout detected, no reason

I constantly get the “audio dropout” warning and it stops recording. Then I duplicate the track, rename it and keep recording and it works again. After I record and delete, I get another audio dropout on the track, have to duplicate and delete the old one and so on. Why?

Furthermore I duplicated an entire folder to use the settings of the tracks in it to save time.
Turns out these duplicated tracks then didnt play back any audio, at least most of them didn’t. Some did.

I don’t understand this at all. Why would I get an audio dropout and none 3 seconds later on the same track just duplicated? And why would a duplicated track not play the audio that was duplicated in the process?

Looks like ASIO dropouts, known problem in C12
Didn’t you get dropouts in C11 in same scenario?

I dont recall having them with Cubase 11 but I also only used it for a couple months before C12 released because I switched early 22 due to constant Kontakt player crashs in Studio One. I mainly work with midi so I might not have noticed.

And yea the problem is really easy to fix, just have another track to record on and it works immediately even if it’s a duplicate with the same settings.

That’s why I didn’t find anything with trouble shooting.

Do you think it’s likely to be fixed soon?

I just had the same problem happen

I have similar issues. When I use CC in a MIDI part to change a preset on a virtual instrument “dropout”. It usually drops out but not always