Audio dropout detected

Hi, ive just updated to the latest maintenance version, i am recording from a keyboard into my interface and each time i record, half way through i get the message “Recording error : Audio drop-out detected” this stops the recording, i have never had this issue since buying CB8, i did however reset cubase to default 2 days ago, but as far as i know it has always been default? is this a CB issue or can someone guide me in the right direction please

the interface is Steinberg CI1, asio driver is Yamaha Steinberg, windows 7, korg pa600

again i stress i have never had this issue until the update today ??

thank you

Here too; Mac OSX 10.9.5, often when opening a project.

Changing settings in Devices has no effect.

Never happened on .5, ever since I updated to 8 tho.

I have also similar. “To many recording” something. And I had only one mono channel recording ongoing. OSX Maverics on i7 16GB. Seems very very serious if you cant trust that the recording is working. “The show must go on…” .

If this is not a issue for steinberg/yamaha they should not try to have a pro appearance.

Surly Steinberg should have come to the rescue by now. it is so very difficult getting help from these people. all I have been doing over the last few weeks is trying to sort these drop outs out. there is no way of getting in touch with them (only if you want to buy something) any help with how to stop these drop outs out would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

dont ask me how, but mine resolved itself, i think i did a reinstall and never did the maintenance update

Same error message here… Using Zoom R16 and Focusrite Scarlett 2i interfaces w/ Win 10 PC, 64 gigs of Ram, latest version of 8.5… only recording one mono channel… what’s up?!