Audio Dropouts when adding new channels

I am having drop outs for 1-2seconds, everytime I add another track (audio, group, etc…). Cubase is visibly on hold during those 1-2 seconds (time cursor is not following the playback)
There might be other functions, that caused those drop outs in the past, but I do not recall them right now.
Everything else is running as smoovely as it could be.
Is there a workaround? Especially annoying during jam session when there a new channels to be added constantly.

The delay compensation gets recalculated. That’s why the playback stops for a tiny bit. If your system is under load it takes longer to calculate the compensation delay.

Its…such a downside …Bitwig makes this so elegant, never stops the audio. Its always a good audio flow for music making.

If you have an empty project, you leave the click playing, when you add a new audio track the audio engine hangs a few ms… From my understading , correct me if i´m wrong, there is no time alignment since there are no audio plugins to be time sync´d.

Yes, of course it’s different with an empty project. No buffers calculated…before.

But what i am saying is that it drops the audio as well, despite being an empty or full session.
With more tracks and processing it gets slower of course.
For me would be really great if it could be “fixed”.

Empty before, first channel added, not empty anymore.

So that means a single channel in the engine makes this audio stop happen. Makes sense but should not be like that.
There should be a pre calculation for the audio engine and it only creates the desired channel after releasing the content from the buffer , like that the audio wouldn´t stop.
For people that like to create music without stopping the play head is very important , this audio gaps cuts all the vibe.

Seamless or gapless audio playback has been requested a lot. There was a response from Matthias (I think) in one thread where in essence they acknowledged that it is a feature they would like to implement but requires a big re-write of the Cubase audio engine and that we shouldn’t expect to see it anytime soon.

I believe several DAWs today does this. Even Protools got it in the 2019.5 update.


I actually cannot understand how that could work in any way, tbh. For adding a new channel, maybe yes, but say you add a plugin to a channel that adds latency, you have to compensate for that, else that track now runs out of sync with the rest of the tracks. You have to delay the other tracks by that amount, too, by adding extra (empty?) samples inbetween. Same if you remove a plugin with latency. That either means that other DAWs just don’t give a poop if that track isn’t in sync any more, or that they do some kind of short crossfade to mitigate the added samples. (It could of course also mean that I am too stupid to imagine how it could work. Entirely possible…)

those things runs on separate processes, that’s why they don’t pop, in Cubase maybe it runs in the same thread as the audio!

Doesn’t matter, added latency is added latency, irrespective where the plugins run (and afaik sandboxing in Bitwig is optional, you can disable it for maximum performance).