Audio dropping out constantly

Hi there,

I am having problems with Cubase 6. Audio keeps on dropping out for some unknown reason. This happens both with busy projects with lots of channels and vsts and with blank projects with kontakt open.

When the audio drops out it comes back a couple of seconds later much louder for a second then returns to normal volume, when using headphones this can be very dangerous for my ears.

This happens both using my focusrite soundcard and using the internal audio driver so I can rule out the soundcard being the problem.

If anyone’s got any ideas as to how to make it run smoother I’d love to hear them.

Thanks in advance.

increase the buffer size

Hey mate, cheers for the advice. I’ve upped the buffer size (trying it with all available settings) and to no avail, the problem still persists…

Try running DPC and see if you can find a process or driver that is interrupting the audio card. You haven’t really told us what system you are using. If it is a laptop there are a ton of things that could be causing in addition to the normal ones from a regular MB based desktop.

WIFI or network driver
low power mode kicking in
a virus program kicking in

Hey mate, thanks again for your reply. The situation has got worse! Cubase froze yesterday and I couldn’t even get the menu bar with programs up at the bottom of the screen, couldn’t get activity monitor up to force quit cubase, the only thing I could do was hold down the power button and force shutdown…

I’m on a macbook pro 13" 2.8GHz Intel Core i7, 4Gb 1333MHz DDR3, Mac OSX 10.7.5

I installed a temp monitor incase that was a problem- cpu temp is between 73- 75 degrees- is this normal?

I have looked but it looks like DPC latency checker is for PC only- is there a mac version?

Really getting so wound up with this, it’s almost inoperable most of the time and none of my friends have macs so no tech support there!

Cheers and happy christmas :slight_smile:

There’s no DPC latency checker for MAC afaik, and I don’t think you’d need one anyway, if it’s a mac this should not be an issue.
What audio interface are you using? Internal?

In Celcius, that’s quite high, not to say very high. In Fahrenheit it’s rather low.

I have been using a focusrite saffire pro 24 soundcard but the problem happens with this as well as using the internal audio card.

That temperature is celcius yeah, thought this might be something to do with it but it seems to happen when it’s cold as well.

I’ve deactived any 3rd party plugins apart from komplete 8 and have unistalled automap but the problem still persists…

I think it must be something to do with Cubase as oppossed to being a problem with the mac but it’s hard to know, not sure how I’d be able to tell without installing another resource hungry application.

I don’t know about macs specifically, but 75 degrees C under load is quite normal for a laptop.