audio edit mode , solo button disable but !

Cubase 10.5.20
i’ve some issues in audio edit mode

1: i use “Return to start position on stop” option but its not work in edit mode/VariAudio … the cursor remains at the position where i stop . This bug only happens in edit mode

2: i can’t hear other track in edit mode, Although the solo button not enabled , just if i press alt+space shortcut “play selected range” only then can I hear the rest of the tracks

if i use editor in lower zone area and press play I notice that the cursor does not move in the project
so i think it’s a bug

edit mode works as well in cubase 10.0.60

  • also the Metronome doesn’t work in edit mode.

Sorry, i found the culprit :grin:
Playback Toggle triggers Local Preview
I don’t know when and how I activated this option :confused: