Audio Editor Overlay Bug

Okay, I’m finding more and more bugs which is slowly killing my enthusiasm for version 10, but I still love this update. Anyway, new issue I found here. For some reason, when I select two audio tracks in the editor, it will show the overlay when I have one set as primary, but the overlay goes away when I select the other as primary.

I don’t believe this happens all the time because I’m pretty sure I’ve been using this feature without issues up until now, and I’m pretty sure I’ve switch it over lots of times and this hasn’t happened…

Okay, I just double checked to see if this issue was consistent and it’s not.

I mean, it’s consistent in the sense that it consistently won’t work on one audio track, but it seems to work fine for most other audio tracks.

Oh, and my specs are:
i7-5820K with 32gb on windows 10