Audio Editor super slow as more zoom is applied new video

Nothing seems to fix this.
Nvidia Geforce 710 latest drivers
Win 10 64 updated

Nvidia and steinberg, has never bin a good combo for some nvidia modles. I see you have the basic gt710. It might be that there is issues with the way cubase adresses the nvidia driver. I have the 1070 and when I go past the zoom point where the graphic goes from “filled” waves to just “line”, I also get some slightly graphic stutter/delay. With a powerhouse as 1070, this should not happen at all.

You can try and run your integrated graphic on your mobo. I think it will actually be a upgrade in preformance compared to the 710.
And you will run on a different driver. It might improve the issue. Given that I see some slight graphic delay with 1070, It make sence that you are having a nightmare with 710.

Hi Reflection,thanks for your information.
I used to have issues with my mobo graphic ,that’s why i got the GT710.Everything worked fine on Cubase 9 until 9.5 or so and now C10.
I can get a new video card.
Which one do you recommend?

Hmm. Im no expert. But Might be worth getting a amd, as nvidia drivers are so picky with cubase.

Radeon rx 460 passiv, might be someting to look in too. The old r5/r7 might also do the trick.
As far as passive gpu there is not much to pick from. But trying a amd will remove any possible issues with nvidia driver.

I’ll try that and report back

I’m thinking this could be some kind of bug.
I don’t have any problem zooming at max and editing audio tracks in the project window but once I open the same track at audio editor (by double click or lower zone) the problem arises.As more the zooming the less responsive cubase become when moving the audio part.
The weird thing is that nobody else seems to have this issue.So i’m gonna change my video card.

I’m having massive issues with this, using a GTX750 - Cubase will lock up for minutes at a time when I try and zoom in to an audio waveform