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It would be very usefull to have an audioeditor like the Sample-Editor but time oriented, that means setting a level depending threshhold at which slices are created. Very usefull in post and audiobook recordings where you have a lot of short audioparts that one has to select before placing in the timeline like different headlines recorded in one file.It is similar to the “delete Silence” Option in the project window.

Hmmmm … something like this?
Detect Silence.jpg

Hello Fredo,
thank you for your fast response.
Yes this is the function I would like to have implemented in the sample editor or as an alternative editor. As the sample editor is a music oriented tool, in post we do not deal with beats, bars and notes. So if I open an audio recording in the pool window, it should be possible to edit with an automatic silence stripper that creates automaticly regions which than can be placed in the project windows timeline. AMS has this in there audiofile systems, this makes editing and spotting very comfortable. Would be nice if it will be already available in the next release.

Have a nice one

Don’t understand, you can perfectly do that now …


Hello Fredo,

Maybe I cannot find setting for the selection of the editors, but as far as I see there is only an editors choice for midi tracks or events. everytime I select either a clip in the pool window or an event in the project window the Sample Editor opens but I have no access to the Audio Part Editor. I am working with 6.07.
Can you please explain to me hoe to choose the audiopart editor.


I’m a bit confused by the terminology …
So I am referring to your initial post.

Here’s what you can do:

Open the file in the sample editor.
Define regions (range tool) and add Ranges. Name them to your likings.
(You can later select all these regions and bounce them in one go into a folder of your choice)
The regions will be available in the pool under the + sign after the complete file.

And will look like that in the Sample Editor
Sample Editor.jpg
If you look at my first screenshot, you can use detect silense to create these regions.
And name/rename them to your likings.

And there are many more fancy things you can do with these regions.


I know you wrote about this region stuff befor fredo. I still haven’t really used it that way. Thanks for the reminder. Looks very useful.

Hello Fredo,

first of all, thanks for your interest in my topic. To make things simple: If you would implement in the Sample Editor a function like “Detect silence”, like it is available in the Audio Part Editor that would solve my whish. I know that in the Sample Editor there is a funktion that is called “Schwellenwert”. If this function would have the same parameters to adjust as in the Audio Part Editor, that would fullfil what I’m looking for.
Hope that cleared the confusion.
By the way, it would be very helpfull if one could lock the POOL window as part of the Project window, like the Transport bar or the Mixer Window.The reason: when you have to make a lot of selections from the pool window it is a bit boaring to open that window again and again. In Wavelab this is very good solved where you can select different windows to stay open on the desktop.



What’s the reason you want to perform that action (detect silence) in the Sample Editor?
If you perform that action from within the pool or project window, and then open the event in the Sample Editor, all of your regions will be there to work with …
It’s just another place.


Good evening Fredo,
if, as you wrote, it is possible to use “Detect Silence” in the Pool Window it would be fine. But unfortunatly I do not find the appropriate tool in the pool window. If “Detect Silence” has been used and performed in the Project Window and as far as I have informed myself by the manual the “Detect Silence” option is only available in the Project Window than the regions do appear in the pool Window as single “files”.
But that causes me to place the original file in the Project Window, execute the “Detect Silence” option, than delete all the computed events of that file in the Project Window and select the wanted event"file"(region) from the Pool Window.
Why do I want to have this option: If you do a wild foley recording of SFXs that are not recorded in sync to the picture or for a radio play or for radio or TV commercials, and you record in one file a lot of differen SFXs or dialogue lines or what content ever, at last you have a bunch of different audio events in one single file, it is very convenient if you have the different regions available in the pool window instantly without the above described workaround.
So if I have access to the “Detect Silence” option directly in the Pool Window that would be very comfortable.

Have a nice evening