Audio Engine connection lost when changing Project

Version (Feb 10 2023)
Dorico 4 AudioEngine Version
While moving from one project to another, Dorico loses the Audio Engine on closing the project.
Subsequently, Hub fails to re-appear and Dorico will not restart
Logging out of Windows necessary to fix and reset the problem
Restarting gives a “recover previous project dialog” even if project saved successfully and no further changes made

This has occurred to two separate machines, one running Windows 10 and one on Windows 11

If you have HALion Sonic 7 installed, then it it most likely a known bug in the MediaBayServer. In that case please have a look for a work around in this thread.

If you don’t, then please start Dorico and choose from the menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post here the corresponding zip file. Thanks

I do have Halion 7
Looks promising
I’ll follow that route and report back

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Good news
That has solved the issue as far as I tell
Thank you

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