Audio engine crashing

I really hope Steinberg allows two lisences in the future. I don’t like dongles, but it appears I’ll have to go the dongle route for this software, as ONE activation is out of the question. As soon as I can get Dorico 2 pro trial to stop constantly crashing audioengine so that I can give it a proper try.

Sorry to hear you’re having problems with the audio engine, Overmann. If you can run Dorico up to the Hub window or a project window, please choose Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the zip file created on your desktop to this thread and we’ll take a look.

Thanks! I’ve also attached the last two most recent crashdumps generated by the audioengine. I can reproduce this audioengine-problem pretty reliably, but the whole program freezing or crashing seems more sporadic. Freezes are more common. THats what happened now. BUt as audioengine crashes I loose control of the sounds, it seems. Sometimes sounds will continue to play, but the VST’s UI is unresponsive and does nothing, sometimes the whole program will crash or freeze completely and sometimes it will freeze but then continue after about 20 seconds. Strange!
VSTAudioEngine22.1.10.328 64bit 2018.10.9 15.34.dmp (680 KB)
VSTAudioEngine22.1.10.328 64bit 2018.10.9 15.37.dmp (549 KB)
Dorico (872 KB)

These appear to be crashes within Halion Sonic SE, which take down the audio engine, and that takes down Dorico. I don’t know yet what the cause of these is, but I’ve passed onto Ulf to look at. I’m afraid there’s not much I can suggest at the moment apart from perhaps deleting the HALion Sonic SE cache folder: %APPDATA%\Steinberg\HALion Sonic SE_64 or reinstalling HALion Sonic SE

Looking at the stack trace of the audio engine, that is a known issue, that also some other users reported.
There is a problem in the copy protection code that crashes HALion Sonic SE and consequently bringing down the audio engine.
We are currently investigating into it, but it is really difficult to debug and we don’t know when we will have a solution.

Funny thing is, it is not a general issue that affects every user. It happens only on very few systems, so it also must have something to do with the used hardware somehow. Some users reported the problem went away when they updated to the latest Dorico version, but I know of at least one customer, for whom that also does not help. But it is worth trying to grab the latest Dorico (and HSSE) and see if that changes something for you.

Thank you for looking into my issue!

I’ve just installed the trial version a couple of days ago, so it’s the newest version. I tried getting another trial key so that I can install on my Workstation. Perhaps it’s working better there. It might be a solution to me until a fix for this issue is descovered, but I’ve not recieved a key yet. Perhaps because I used the same e-mail address as the one I used to get the key to the one I installed on my laptop (the install that crashes all the time). Do you have an idea of what to do to get another trial key so that I can try it on a different computer?

My workstation is set up for audio work so I have a feeling Dorico might handle the hardware/software better there.

I will ask Daniel to send you another trial license.

My experience had been that the eLicenser does not allow multiple trial licenses on one eLicenser, even if those licenses themselves are valid.

Dan, I think Overman needs the second trial license to run Dorico on his other computer - hopefully without problems. It will be another eLicenser for that reason then.

I’m a dummy. Sorry. You’re right.

Dan you have proven that you are not a dummy. Rather the opposite :slight_smile: