Audio Engine Failure

Dorico (1.3 MB)

I can’t run Dorico all of a sudden!

Hi @bmomusical , thanks for the data and sorry for your trouble.
There are no crash dumps contained, but the log files show that on June 7th at around 4:05 pm something must have happened and you probably killed off the Dorico process, is that correct? What was left behind then was a VSTAudioEngine process in an undefined state. You then tried to restart Dorico but it could not connect to the zombied VSTAudioEngine and therefore timed out and exited.
Have you tried rebooting? Or first go to the Activity and look for a VSTAudioEngine process. If it is around - what I suspect very much - kill it off and try to run Dorico again. Any better?

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Yes I did reboot and it works now. I was very confused why it stopped working. Thank you!

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