Audio Engine Process Died on startup

Without warning Dorico stopped producing sounds even though my system and other audio SW continues to do so. I have reinstalled Dorico but to no avail. Although the attached project uses an Aria sound, it doesn’t work with HALion either. For some reason my sound config seems to keep changing (hidden Windows 10 updates?). One day Finale doesn’t work; the next time it’s Dorico. This is infuriating. (236 KB)

There is an issue with the ports. Though the Generic Low Latency Driver is chosen, the audio engine does not “see” any ports to where it can send the audio out to.
First of all, is the Generic Low Latency Driver the one that you actually want to use?
If so, then please go to Edit > Device Setup and then open the driver control panel. In there is an option that says something like “allow the host application to take exclusive access.” If you switch that back an forth, do you then see changes in the output port list in that window?

Hi there,

I have the same problem as well while using Dorico.
I tried with my UR44 (Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO) and Sound Blaster ZXR card (Creative SBZ Series ASIO).
The playback immediately cut-off to silence after the first two bars.


Yes, only when the exclusivity box is unchecked can I see the speaker ports. Once I opened and closed Dorico a couple of times, the change stuck and sound resumed. Thank you.

(It is odd. In Dorico 1.0 the Low Latency Driver seemed to work better for me when exclusivity was selected. C’est la vie.)

You have a different problem, because sound does come out for at least 2 bars, so the ports are seen by Dorico.
In order to find out what is wrong on your machine, please chose in Dorico’s main menu Help > Create Diagnostic Report.
That will create a zip file on your desktop containing logging information. Please send it to u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de and I will have a look.

Hello together,

I have the same problem. Can’t open it on Win 7 (64 Bit). All the time: “Audio engine process died”. Anyone still have another idea what to do?

I reinstalled it 2 times. Downloaded also all sounds which are coming with Dorico. Restarted it several times. But the error still continues:(

Any new ideas?

Is there a new update for Win 7?


Dorico is not officially supported on Windows 7. A handful of users may still be running Dorico on Windows 7, but certainly you will need to ensure you have all of the latest Microsoft updates for Windows 7, plus make sure you are using the Aero appearance; the audio engine will not run if you use the Windows Basic appearance.

It doesn’t work. Anyway, thanks for your help!

From our FAQ:
If you are on Windows 7 and Dorico hangs during start-up with the error message “Audio Engine Process Died” then chances are high that you are missing a certain Windows update.
Please download and execute KB2670838 and then reboot your machine.

Besides that Windows update, you also must have Windows Aero enabled. To enable Aero, read this guide. For how to enable Aero on Windows 7 Home Basic read the advice from user ShikiSuen here.

Same problem here, but using OSX Mojave. Won’t start because ‘audio engine process died’. Cubase crashes as well. Happened after trying to update Cubase to 10.0.6. Any thoughts?

Please try to start Cubase in Safe Mode ( ). Try disabling all plug-ins and see if it then starts up. Because I suspect that some dodgy component is bringing Cubase and Dorico’s audio engine down.