Audio Engine Stops When Changing Window Focus

I’ve been trying to get Cubase Pro 8 to run smoothly here over the last couple of days, but have one big issue I cannot get around.

I have two monitors and work with the Project window on one monitor and the Key editor and Mixer on my second monitor. When a project is running, if I click on either the Project Window or Key Editor (when moving from the other) I lose audio altogether for around 2-3 seconds. This makes it very hard for me to work as I flit between these windows making minor tweaks and edits all the time. Perhaps there’s a setting I have missed which might be causing this? For whatever reason, just changing the window focus is causing the audio-engine to do something which causes audio to be lost, and I can also see that the cursor staggers or stops completely whilst this is happening.

Is anybody else seeing this? Does anyone have any tips to try and make it go away? I presume it might be related to the godawful Aero themes we’re now obliged to use.

Thanks for any help.


Yes, I’m finding the same thing.
The same thing happens if I click on tracks that have different instances of VEP5 running.

Is Devices… | Device Setup | VST Audio System | Release Driver when Application is in Background checked?
If it is, does unchecking it help?

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This solved the problem for me.
[Scenario: Audio stopped when focus moved to a non-Cubase window. Cubase 11 on Win 10]