Audio engine troubles: many crashes, often refuses to load sounds

Awhile back, Ulf helped me solve the problem of sounds refusing to load by having me rename my Dorico 3.5 AudioEngine_64 folder to something else so Dorico could build a new one. That works, but I have had to do it many times, and as it often requires a reboot before I can rename the folder, it is a real pain, especially when I am trying to contuduct an online lesson. Also, this problem has caused Dorico to crash many times and the recovery file doesn’t always catch important changes. All said, I am ready for a different solution if one exists?
I have the latest version ( And you’ll see I’ve run and attached a diagnostics report.
Thanks in advance,
Dorico (367.8 KB)

What audio hardware and software do you have? I’d try excluding one of each in turn, to see if that identifies the culprit.

Hi David,

the diagnostics contains only 1 log file of the audio engine (there should be the last 10 of them). Have you cleaned out that folder just before? Also, there are no crash files contained. So is Dorico or the audio engine really crashing with you or maybe just hanging.
Could you please “induce” another crash (write down the time), then start again and do another diagnostics report? Thanks

[ulf]So is Dorico or the audio engine really crashing with you or maybe just hanging.
[df]Dorico really crashes. At least if I try waiting for it to recover, it never recovers. I can’t tell whether the audio engine crashes, but when I try to restart Dorico, either Dorico will not restart because it can’t load the audio engine, or if it does restart, I can’t load sounds until I do delete/rename the Dorico 3.5 AudioEngine_64 folder like you told me awhile back.
[ulf]Could you please “induce” another crash (write down the time), then start again and do another diagnostics report?
[df]I don’t know how to induce a crash. I can’t trace the behavior to any one thing I do in Dorico.

Dorico just crashed again, though I was able to restart it right away, so I’m not sure this replicated the trouble I had earlier this morning? One thing I can say is that I used Dorico for a couple of hours after the earlier crash. Then I launched an instance of Kontakt player, which I use as my desktop piano. I do this for Dorico files that don’t have a piano. Kontakt was running earlier when the crash occurred, as well.
The crash occurred around 11:50.
dfDorico (393.3 KB)

Hi David, I’m deeply confused. The diagnosticcs again contains no crash file and only 1 log file of the audio engine. According to that log you don’t even have Kontakt (or it does not get recognized). So how come that you can use Kontakt?
There is something strange here. Therefore, please create yet another diagnostics report and write down the time you created it. Then attach here again. Thanks

So is it an “indefinite hang” or an “unexpected quit”? The two are quite different things.

Benwiggy, I don’t know how to answer this question. Sorry.

Ulf, I am also deeply confused. I definitely had Kontakt player running during both crashes recorded by the two logs I sent. I am assuming you want me to wait for another crash? Or do you want me to send a log without a crash but record the time?

Does the program become unresponsive, but continue to ‘be’; or does it stop running entirely and suddenly.

When Dorico crashes on my computer, the screen becomes “greyed out” (foggy). At that point it is unresponsive. I get a message that I can wait or end the program. In the years I’ve used Dorico, it has never recovered from this state no matter how long I wait.

David, please create a new diagnostics straight away. And Benwiggy is right, technically it is completely different if a program is just hanging (aka not responding) or crashing (i.e. the program completely stops running). But from your description it more sounds like you experience hangs and not crashes.

Ulf, I’m a bit late getting to my computer this morning, but here is a fresh diagnostics report. I did it first thing (9:26 a.m.) with nothing but Dorico running.
dfDorico (398.0 KB)

Dorico just “crashed” again so I made another report.
Dorico Diagnostics 11.08 (405.1 KB)

And it just crashed again. All I am doing this morning is deleting duplicate flows from a few files. Oh, and I manually copied the music from one flow to make a new one in another document. After I did that, I got this message:

And here is a new diagnostics report.
Dorico Diagnostics 11.08 (405.1 KB)

Hi @davidfuentes , I’m still confused. In the error message you posted is a path to a crash file mentioned. Can you find that file on your harddisk? Normally that dmp file should be included in the diagnostics report, but it is not. Please also have a look for more such dmp files in the same directory. Zip them all up and send me please. Many thanks.
Could we also have a remote screen sharing session so that I can make myself an own picture of your system? Please send mail to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’ and we’ll arrange for the details.

I’ll supply your requests via email.