Audio Engine Troubleshooting


I have been using the Dorico trial version to see if I am going to end up buying it, but it has been crashing every time I go to save, among other things. The playback button is unclickable, and hitting the record button crashes the program. Occasionally it will come back and everything will work fine, but it is very inconsistent.

I have restarted my computer, reinstalled Dorico 3 and the sound library, but nothing seems to change.

Any help would be appreciated.

Diagnostics File:
Dorico (841 KB)

Hi jmorrell123,
welcome to the forum and sorry for the trouble you have with Dorico.
Looking at your log files, you ran into the same issue that currently many other users have.
It is Dorico’s audio engine that is crashing and therefore the problems that you are experiencing.
We are currently working with high pressure on this issue, but yet have no solution for it.
I hope it won’t come too late for you to still being able to try out Dorico properly.
If not we have to considers ways of getting you another trial license.