Audio engine: waiting for connection

Pretty annoyed here; haven’t used Dorico 4 in a couple of months and now I can’t get it to start. “To Activate, switch to Steinberg Activation Manager and follow the prompts. If Steinberg Activation Manager is not running, click Relaunch. If you cannot activate Dorico now, click Quit”. Well, Steinberg Activation Manager gets stuck on “Loading, please wait…” so it seems like I’m SOL?

Here’s my crash dump:


VSTAudioEngine5.exe Version 5.0.10 Build 113 - 4.5.2022 14:01

Timestamp is 61e95124 (Thu Jan 20 07:10:12 2022)
C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Dorico4\VSTAudioEngine\VSTAudioEngine5.exe

Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION
Fault address: 85C15B92 01:00074B92 C:\Program Files\Common Files\Steinberg\Activation Manager\license-engine-access.dllBytes at CS:EIP:
8b 5f 40 83 fb 02 41 0f 9e c6 48 8d 8f 88 00 00
00 e8 48 ce 16 00 0f b6 f0 83 fb 02 7e 04 84 c0"

Hi @Nathan_Huvard , welcome to the forum and sorry to hear about your trouble.
From the version number I can tell that you are not on the latest version of Dorico 4. Therefore I suggest that via the Steinberg Download Assistant you get the very latest version and install that one.
Furthermore, also make sure that you download and install the latest Steinberg Activation Manager.
With all that in place, do you still have that trouble then?

If you find that Steinberg Activation Manager won’t launch, or hangs on start-up, that typically indicates that a Steinberg License Manager process has stalled. The simplest way to resolve this is simply to restart your computer, but if you have the wherewithal to do so, you can also find the Steinberg License Manager process and quit it manually (e.g. via Process Explorer on Windows, or using Activity Monitor on Mac).