Audio event offset

Hi forum

When I record audio I encounter the following situation with the display of the audio event. Please refer to the screen shot:

To illustrate the issue, I have recorded 2 bars of quarter notes. I also manually entered 2 bars of quarter notes on a midi track by drawing with the pencil tool.
The recorded audio is not visibly aligned with the bars+beat ruler. However, the audio and midi is perfectly aligned with the metronome (midi GM wave table) sound wise at play back.
How come?

When selecting the audio event, the info line displays an offset The value can’t be increased in order to shift the wave form to the left because of a snap line in the event. When lowering the offset value, the sound can be shifted to the right, however. But this is not what I want off course.
This obviously makes it very difficult to do any kind of editing of audio events, as I can’t place them correct relative to the ruler, in case I e.g. want to edit a single note that was off beat.

If I go to Project setup and change the Display offset to a negative value, it will move the audio and midi event to the left relative to the ruler and make them display aligned, but then the sound is no more aligned with the metronome at play back.

What have I missed to maintain in my setup?

Settings when recording:

Project setup:
Display offset 0:00:00:00

Delay compensation Threshold (for Recording) 0.0 ms

Further specs:
Win7 64 bit
Cubase 5 64 bit
E-MU 1616 with E-MU delivered ASIO driver
Input latency 8 ms
Output latency 7 ms

Br kamilu

Hi again
I discovered that the misalignment between audio and midi sound occurs, if I assign the midi metronome and midi track to the GM wave table.
If I enter whatever VST instrument in a VSTi slot and assign the midi metronome and midi track to that VSTi, everythings align perfect.
That’s a workaround I can live with. I will most likely never use the windows GM wavetable.
So only question left is, why such a delay on the windows GM wavetable?
But I think I can live without the answer.
BR kamilu

Wavetable is meant for Windows MIDI playback only, not to be used in Cubase.