Audio event renaming - File and Description

Hello all,
Renaming audio event is confusing me…
Is there anyway to link the file and description name? or just show file name?
If you see my attachment, the selected audio event name shows in this format, Description name (File name).
If I wanna see only one name without brackets, I have to manually put the same name in both file and description box.
How can I make it to show just one name, either file or description name, without brackets?

Thanks! :exclamation:

The way I like to remove the brackets is to create an audio part.

Select the event and then choose Audio -> Events to Part. This will put the event inside an audio part and remove the brackets.

Thanks ilmolto. That’s an idea but looks like I lose control that’s only possible in Event, such as fade and gain control.
I guess I’ll just have to live with these brackets… :neutral_face:

Try to delete the description, and leave the description field empty > enter… and it will inherit the file name only.