Audio events follow project tempo?

I suspect I already know the answer to this is no, but are there any settings so that changing the project tempo automatically timestretches audio events in a project so that quick and global tempo adjustments can me made?

Put all audio into musical mode in the pool.

That’s beyond awesome, thanks very much!

On the subject of this: is “musical mode follows tempo track” possible?

I think it should just do that…no?

I’ll check, I thought all the audio events were in musical mode but I might have missed one

Open the pool and you can easily see if musical mode is selected for all files and tick any that aren’t.

If I struggle to get a particular file in to time for any reason… I’ll just bounce selection to create a new audio file that will usually then comply.

Doesnt the audio file need to contain tempo information for it to work correctly? Perhaps its there if the files were recorded in cubase at the default 120 but I did some a recent project where they were as well but had to do a “set definition from tempo” on all audio to ensure that it knew it was originally recorded at 120.

Perhaps I am mis-remembering and complicating things but I seem to recall needed thing in order for musical mode to work correctly.