Audio export flaws

Has anyone else found Dorico’s audio exports (MP3 or WAV) faulty? As in, choppy sound and instruments temporarily dropping out? Not frequently, but it definitely does happen.

Playback in Dorico is consistently excellent, but when I have it render audio files, there are problems.

In similar situations in the past, Ulf has recommended that you try a different ASIO driver if you’re currently using the Generic Lower-latency ASIO Driver – for example, perhaps give FlexASIO a try?

Thank you, I’ll give that a try, and let you know whether it solves the problem.

I gave FlexASIO a go, in multiple configurations. Unacceptable; the glitches and drops were worse than what I got with the generic driver.

Ditto ASIO4All when I re-installed that, and tried it in multiple configurations, as well.

I wound up going back to the generic driver, and allowing it to take exclusive control of output. Dorico proceeded to generate an absolutely flawless WAV audio file. Feels like coming home.

Cheers. :clinking_glasses:

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Yes, it all depends on the driver. It’s a little mysterious though, because we had cases like this before, where FlexASIO would yield better results than the Generic one.
The exclusive control option is definitely good, because it allows the driver to run more stable.
But it has the disadvantage that you can’t listen to e.g. YouTube anymore at the same time. So you may want to use the exclusive option only during export.

It’s just funny to me that I never heard glitchy music when I auditioned the notation in Write or Play mode, but then I exported audio, and it was Welcome to Glitch City.

I’m definitely going to flick on the exclusive option before exports from now on, yeah. I mean, if I remember to do that. How cool would it be if Dorico did that by default, though? (Or at least, offered the option for users to force exclusive mode during exports.) Especially since, and I quote: “The exclusive control option is definitely good, because it allows the driver to run more stable.”

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