Audio Export / Instrument Selection Window Size

Didn’t see this topic, so hoping it isn’t a repeat for the Dorico Team. I’m using Dorico 5. I have a request regarding the size of the window for selecting instruments from the score to output via audio export. It is very small and requires lots of scrolling to get to all the instruments in a larger orchestral score. The up and down arrows also cause the focus to shift to the right after clicking a checkbox and trying to use the arrows again. It would be very helpful to be able to see many more instruments and/or be able to use the arrow keys to step through them. Thanks so much! Absolutely love the program. Have been using it from start of writing, to final audio export for delivery of cues on Film/TV projects. I could never have that kind of workflow before, with the quality needed. Bravo! Cheers.

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You can resize the dialog by grabbing the top or bottom and dragging it. Dorico will remember the size and position you end up with for the future.

Thank you! Can’t believe I missed that. Didn’t see any arrows when hovering over the corner and just overlooked it. This is great to have. Best, - Tim Jones