Audio export is longer and lower pitch


When I export an audio .wav and then drag it back into the project the region is longer and the audio plays at a lower pitch. I tried again, and changed the sample rate of the export from 48,000 kHz to 44,000 kHz but it made no difference. Any ideas to rectify this? Thanks, Justin

I use Cubase 10 Pro

To avoid any issues of this kind, I have set all the sample rate settings of my DAW with the same value (44.1 kHz) , which include :

  • The Project > Project Setup > Record File Format/Sample Rate
  • The File > Export> Audio Mixdown > File Format/Sample Rate
  • The Clock Mode/Sample Rate setting of my audio interface

Maybe one is mismatching between the two others. Check also in the Pool window at what sample rate is your .wav mixdown file, regarding to the Project Setup one. Additionaly, maybe the root key of the file doesn’t match with the Project Root Key setting : this is also seeable in the Pool window.

I don’t have other ideas, at this point… :neutral_face:


Most probably it’s a sample rate mismatch, as @cubic13 has mentioned. Check the sample rate of your audio interface (Studio → Studio Setup… → Audio System → HW Sample Rate), maybe it’s different from your audio file sample rate. All of your project audio files should match this number. Or you can consider changing your hardware sample rate, if needed, to fit your audio files rate.

Yes, it is a sample rate mismatch, but it’s simply because you have disabled convert on import. By default you have a dialog box that appears so you can choose what to do, but if you happened to click “do not ask again” then it won’t appear anymore. You can change that in Preferences.

Exactly. Let me just expand on your comment a little. For me, it was often easy to lose myself in the settings dialog, so just in case:
Edit->Preferences…->Editing->Audio->On Import Audio Files->Open Options Dialog