Audio Export Level

What’s optimum level when exporting the audio mix ?
At the moment i’m exporting at -12 on the digital scale or 0 on the K-12 scale.

Basically anything that is below 0 dBFS TP if you export in fixed point format.

What are you going to do with the audio? The answer depends on that.

Thanks for the reply.
I’m going to send my stuff to someone for mastering.

Then you´d better ask the ME how he wants the file. Anyway what I wrote before is still true.

OK. Many Thanks

Yes, do ask your mastering engineer. Generally they like to have a few dB of headroom, eg 3dB or so, and for any limiting to
be removed from the mix bus before exporting. Also, it’s a good idea to label your file very clearly by choosing a good file name for it, including at least your name, the track name and the track version number. Maybe also the sampling rate and bit depth.

Use at least 24 bits too.


OK Thanks for that.
I thought there maybe a certain level needed for mastering software like Ozone.