Audio Export Locator Weirdness

I’m experiencing a weird issue (Cubase 9.5 pro) when I go to export audio - the left locator moves no matter what I set it to.
Am I missing something or is this a bug?
I have the project set up with a 4 bar offset (Bar -4,-3,-2,-1, 0) and I want to export from bar 1 to whatever (About bar 150).
I select a section from bar 1 to the end - the cursors are correct but when I bring up the audio mixdown dialogue the left locator moves to bar -3 (!!!) Why?
It’s important as I’m exporting stems and a click track so they all need to line up from bar 1.


I cannot reproduce it here. I tried a project with 4 Bars offset, and set the L locator to Bar +1, and export. The Left locator is kept on Bar +1.

I experience the same issue (user since Cubase 6) with Cubase 10 PRO. Normally I set the locators and it exports everything between the locators, but as soon as I hit the export it automatically arranges the locators to match the length of the data inside the project window. While that sometimes can be a nice thing, I actually want to export sometimes outside or inside that range.

The workaround for me is that as soon as I hit audio export and the locators set, I drag them again to the good position while the audio export window stays open. But it’s an annoying thing and did not happen befeore version 10.

Hi and welcome,

How do you trigger Audio Export Mixdown window? Do you go via menu, or do you have a Key Command, or…?

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the welcome :slight_smile: and yes I trigger it with a key command indeed. I checked what happens if I remove the key command and it worked then without problems. I assigned again the key command I use and now it keeps working ok. Hopefully it stays like that!